Are You 100% Committed?

Is there a goal you really want to achieve? Something you really want? If so, are you 100% committed and focused on the goal or is there a wishy-washy factor in there? You know the drill — you keep moving forward toward your goal but never seem to get there for whatever reason or you simply give up and resign yourself to the way things are and lament the fact that you won’t reach your goal. Perhaps it’s because your belief and commitment is not where it needs to be.

A little while ago I was talking to a manager at my day job about my life and business coaching business. She shared a number of her opinions on entrepreneurship and building a business because she is experiencing something similar as her husband starts a new career as part of a multi-level marketing business. While we talked she illustrated her theory on why people succeed or fail then it comes to building a business. It has to do with the commitment factor.

Here’s the premise. If you are somewhat less than 100% committed to your goal, you are likely to fail because at some point you will encounter an obstacle that is bigger than your commitment. Look at the graph below to see what I mean.

Not Enough Commitment

Let’s say you’re only 70% committed to your goal. Fear, doubt, and a less than passionate belief have you wondering if it is really possible to reach your goal. So, while you take action along the way, you’re commitment factor only peaks at 70%. That is fine if your daily obstacles are less strong than your commitment. Perhaps you hit a few 30% or 50% strength obstacles. That is OK; you can cruise right over them because your commitment is stronger. BUT, along comes a whopper of an obstacle that weighs in around 80% or 90% strength. BAM, you hit a brick wall and fail or give up because your commitment isn’t strong enough to keep you going in the face of this obstacle.

On the flip side, let’s assume you are 100% committed to your goal. You are jazzed up, pumped up, and energized every day about working toward your desire. In your mind absolutely nothing can stop you (and, what you believe you achieve so nothing WILL). Check out how different this graph looks.

Full Commitment

Now you’re 100% committed to your goal and it makes all the difference. Just like in the first example, when you hit obstacles that are minor you sail right over them, this time with even more ease. However, the key difference in this scenario is that when you hit an obstacle that is 100% (as strong as they come) you don’t hit the wall. You move along side by side with this obstacle for however long it takes. You take the actions necessary to persevere. At some point your fortitude prevails and the obstacles lose strength allowing you to continue on and reach your goal despite formidable kinks along the way.

If you REALLY want something yet it remains elusive, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I possess an unshakeable belief in myself?
  • Am I 100% committed to my goal or am I wavering at something less than full strength?
  • What kind of person would I need to be to persevere regardless of the obstacles I may face?
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