Are You a Player?

I couldn’t let March Madness pass me by without at least one post filled with basketball metaphors. In my house women’s hoops madness is like a holiday. A full month where the ESPN game schedule dictates our social and work lives. A time to live vicariously through the endless possibilities of 64 talented teams who face off knowing for some dreams will be realized, and others’ dreams deferred.

I am a total sucker for the video montage segments where they show highlights and coaches yelling their words of wisdom. It doesn’t matter that I’ve been watching some of the same video segues for 3 weeks now; I still get goose bumps hearing Pat Summit yell and glare.

Media and coaches alike banter about the questions “Is she a player?” “Is she a shooter?”. Meaning is this player a leader on the floor who wants the ball when it counts and will shoot or do whatever it takes to make a play and score points for the team. At this time of year it is exciting because you get to watch all sorts of athletes who no one would’ve ever thought twice about turn into the “x-factor” and win the game for the team with their elevated level of play. Sometimes the star players live up to the hype and command the respect of their team and their opponents by leading with great emotion. Other times the star players don’t quite show up dressed for battle and turn in entirely unremarkable performances. It all boils down to how an individual player shows up mentally, physically, and emotionally for the game on that given day. They either have the heart (and the skills to make it happen) or they don’t.

While many of us will never know the thrill of playing in a Final Four or National Championship, we will have peak experiences in our own lives. We also have the ability to make each day of our life a game day and actually be consciously present for it. Anyone who is breathing and has a pulse has the opportunity to be a leader in some way, shape or form.

Are you showing up for your life suited up and ready to play? Are you a player? Or are you just going through the motions?

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