What if it’s Not the Right Time?

Are You Waiting for the Right Time?So often someone will come to me with a deep desire to create something new in their life, their business, or their career.  They can clearly articulate what is not working for them and they can also tell me what they really want to see happen for them.  Then after being swept up in a tide of possibility and excitement they utter the words, “Well, maybe it’s just not the right time right now.”  Then like a bird falling from the sky they just give up.   Can you relate to this feeling?

That’s why in today’s Q&A I want to talk about the question: What if it’s not the right time?  and How will I know when the time is right?

I could write pages on this but I’m a woman who likes to cut to the chase.  So, the short answer is – there is no “right” time.

There is no mythical, all the stars are aligned, the sun is out & shining, you are blessed with unlimited time & money– RIGHT time.

There is only now.

I’m also a practical person so I realize you can’t do everything you’ve ever wanted to do or start every project you want to start right now.  If you did, then you would be mired in overwhelm and would’ve needed to attend the teleclass I did a few years back entitled “Are you trying to cram 10lbs of poop into a 5lb bag?”.  It’s impractical and sets you up for failure.  There is a reason time exists (even if  some believe it to only be an illusion)… that is to prevent us from having to do everything simultaneously.

[clickToTweet tweet=”There is no all the stars are aligned, sun is out & shining, blessed with unlimited time & money– RIGHT time.” quote=”There is no all the stars are aligned, sun is out & shining, blessed with unlimited time & money– RIGHT time.”]Timing is Everything

So if there is no right time and there is only now and you can’t do it all right now, then how do you know whether to make the commitment to move forward on something or not?

If you really want something, you’re tired of settling for the same-old, and you simply want to come alive,  then you make a decision, make a commitment, and take that one baby step forward.  Not tomorrow, not next year, not “someday” but today.

You can wait for a better time or a right time.  People will say to me, well, maybe I’ll be ready to start coaching, to start changing what really needs changing in three  months or six months.  You know what happens?  Three months, six months, a year pass by and nothing has changed.  So, you see you’ll be older in <insert your favorite excuses in terms of time frame here> whether or not you decide to take action.  You’ll be waiting around forever for that elusive right time and then realize that you never did the things you most wanted to, you never lived the life you were meant to live, or you never had the impact you wanted to from your professional life. How sad is that?  I don’t know about you but not only is that a painful trail of regret personally, but it also leaves the world bereft of the gifts that only you can offer.

So, take some time and reflect on the changes you’ve been wanting to see … maybe some more free time, more adventure, more freedom, a new career, living more authentically, more success… whatever that is for you, and then ask yourself:

When am I going to make the decision to make this desire a reality?  If not now, then when?

If you need support from someone who can be your guide and help you create a plan that actually works, contact me for a complimentary discovery session.

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