How to Know What Metrics to Track in Your Business

What Metrics to Track in Your BusinessI recently surveyed hundreds of business owners and posed the question “What is the #1 question you have about business metrics?” One of the top questions both new and experienced business owners had was:

“What should I be tracking?”

I can understand this since no one really teaches the small business owner what to measure and why.   Frankly this is one of the main reasons businesses fail is because they don’t have enough data to make wise decisions and then simply run out of money before they have time to succeed.

I am here to change this because numbers don’t have to be:

  • Hard
  • Intimidating
  • Only for people whose “brains work that way”

In many of my webinars I teach you exactly what you need to track (Go here to receive first notice of upcoming classes). That said, I want to empower you to think clearly about your own business so you can start to understand what to track right now.

So, if you’re not sure what to track, answer the following questions.

What would you have to know/like to know so you could:

  • Make wise financial decisions?
  • Choose how to spend your time and energy most effectively?
  • Maximize your return on your marketing and client attraction efforts?

I pose these broader questions not to be vague, but to empower you to see and think as a CEO would. It allows you to reverse-engineer what you need to track so you can know what you want to know!   Ask yourself:

What do you wish you could know about your business that you don’t know now?

What do you wish you could know about your business that you don’t know now?Click To Tweet

And start there….

Learn exactly what you need to track, why you need to track it, and how to make it easy.  Free Webinar on May 28th (a $197+ value) to help you create more fun and profit in your business. Register here today!

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