Do You Know Your Numbers? (No Apologies)

Do you know your numbers?  I don’t mean your bust, waist, and pant size either.  Your business numbers.  One of the major reasons businesses fail is not because they don’t have a great idea or aren’t great at what they do – it’s because they run out of the runway of cash. I hear from my clients and prospects all the time – “I don’t know what to charge!  I’m afraid it’ll be too much!”

Let this video guide you to what you need to know so you don’t become one of those struggling or failed businesses.

So many self-employed business owners do not know their numbers. What do you need to earn to break even? How do you need to price your services so you are profitable AND have a life?  What are you earning, where is your money going, and what does it all mean?

This isn’t some thinly veiled pep rally about raising your rates. Yes, you may need to raise your rates but that is not the only factor. In some cases you might need to lower your rates, serve a different audience, or diversify your offerings. Let me help you  build the confidence and the practical tools to get at the bottom of what is really going on in your business so you can stop selling yourself short and get paid what you’re worth.

It’s time to understand what is really going on where your numbers meet your mindset, visit to learn more.

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