Don’t Put an Age Limit on Your Dreams

I have particularly enjoyed the stories surrounding 41 year old US Olympic swimmer Dara Torres. Besides being an amazing athlete she is an inspiration to all women who are mothers or simply over the ripe age of what is considered to be prime for athletes. Well spoken and always a gracious competitor, she is a joy to watch.

Check out this video which I found on Daryn Kagan’s site via my friend Jim. It is a great interview with Dara and she speaks directly to her message to women everywhere — don’t put an age limit on your dreams.

Her attitude is truly the spice of life. We can’t turn back time or stop having birthdays, but we can certainly embrace the age we are at any given time and make the most of it. You truly never are too old to live out your dreams in one way shape or form. While Dara herself admits that there are some added challenges to competing at this level in a 41 year old body vs. being in your 20’s, she doesn’t shy away from what is, and her desires to retire from competitive life after this Olympics.

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