Get Lost!

In this month’s Beyond Burnout eZine I wrote about the benefits of “getting lost”. That is, taking time each day to simply get lost in doing something that you enjoy.

Mondays are always a good day to promise yourself a little “getting lost” time. Back to work day (for most people) can often bring a lot of stress and most certainly requires an attitude adjustment from weekend mode.

As I see it, the top 7 benefits of getting lost on a daily basis are:

  1. Allows the stress you are feeling to melt off of you
  2. Leaves you with an enhanced state of calm
  3. Increases your ability to focus
  4. Creates more joy for you every day and a chance to “just play”
  5. Gives YOU the care and attention you deserve
  6. Enhances your creativity and problem-solving
  7. Enables you to have a fresh perspective

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