Goodbye Manic, Hello Calm Goal Achievement (No Apologies Video)

Ever feel like being self-employed is like a manic roller coaster ride of wild highs and crashing lows?

Intuitive Intelligence Coaching success story: A client came to me very stressed out, wound tight, and feeling manic from the hard-charging pursuit of meeting monthly goals. She was worn out from the crashing lows of exhaustion that followed all out effort sprints to meet targeted goals. The toll it was taking on her as a woman, a business owner, and mother was huge.

After a few short months together we took some time to review progress against her goals. Low and behold, she was now achieving a consistent increase in revenue month over month. More importantly, she was loving life again, taking time off, and available to be the kind of mom she wanted to be. By helping her step off the hamster wheel and into a space of productive calm, she met her goals in a kinder, friendlier way. More authentic to the type of life and business she wants to live.

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