How Stressed Are You?

Nothing like returning from a vacation to let the winds of reality sweep me into a frenzy. While I’d never NOT go away because of the inevitable pile up when I return, the first few days back can often be a challenge. I’m happy to report that this time, I am catching up in a way that is much kinder and gentler to ME.

This timely post of a “stress test” by my mentor coach, Leah Grant over at her Leah Without Limits blog hit the spot for me.

I think this is a handy tool for keeping a pulse on one’s stress level periodically because stress is such a varying thing. I find it can ebb, flow, or tsunami depending on what’s going on in my life at any given time and how I am feeling about myself. The key to success that I’ve found is to be aware of where I fall on the scale at any given moment and then take action to bring myself back into a state of balance.

Hope you find this a fun and handy tool.

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