How Well Do You Handle Difficult Situations?

Let’s face it, we all have difficult situations to face. We meet people who hold different views, styles, or opinions than us.  We experience unequal treatment or discrimination as a woman, a minority, an LGBT person, due to a disability, or simply because we view the world differently than someone else.  How well do you handle these situations?  Can you stand confidently in who you are and respond? Or, do you react impulsively and emotionally creating a trail of drama and destruction in your path ultimately sabotaging your best efforts?

Last week California Supreme Court Upheld Prop 8 which created untold complexities for many families.  I can only imagine how confusing it is for kids of the affected families. Some good tips on helping kids cope with Prop 8 were shared on Mombian.   Frankly the tips are pretty handy for people of any age.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, the point is — it is one difficult and sticky situation.  That means that tempers flare, emotions run high, and people need to determine their best response individually and collectively.

What I know from Comfortable in Your Own Skin Coaching is that when you fully embrace your own self and emotions, you are in a more empowered and charge-neutral place to respond.  Note I said charge-neutral not lacking opinion, passion, or emotions.  Rather, the ability to respond fully, compassionately, and in alignment with who you are in a way that can be heard.  When arms are flailing and tempers are flaring, no one is listening.  Ever seen two people adamant and steadfast in their opposing views argue?  Who is listening to whom? No one…

So, today on the 4th Annual Blogging for LGBT Families Day, take a few moments to reflect upon how you handle difficult situations of all kinds and ask yourself — “How can I be more solid in who I am so that I am better able to relate and respond to those around me (those that share my views and those that don’t)?”

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