Intentionality: Choose, Don’t React

I want to talk about the idea of intentionality. This means being at choice versus reacting. A lot of times people will say, “Well I couldn’t possibly take this day off or this time off. Or I couldn’t possibly carve out a few hours to work on my business instead of in my business because my clients need me.

Well they hopefully do need you and you still need to tame the distractions and create breathing spaces for working on your business and taking time off but you have to choose it. You have to intentionally make choices versus reacting.

For example, you can choose set times when you are going to check your email or you can check your email every time it buzzes and comes in and a client has a question. If you are firing off answers every time something happens on demand, the phone, the internet, the email…it’s going to be like a ping pong match that just keeps ramping up itself fueling a fire that never ever ends.

Whereas if you intentionally choose when you’re going to do what, to go with the rhythms of what’s going on in your life, with the rhythms of how you work best then all of a sudden, you start to see this ideal transformation of you being in control.

You being in charge in the driver seat of how you work and getting to those priorities that matter most for you. A lot of times people don’t know where to start or they just want to know that they have a friend in their corner and that’s why people partner with me. I help them get systems in place, have that moral support for making a big change. I offer really practical tools so you do not have to work so hard at it.

Listen below (~ 2 minutes)

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