It’s NOT a Luxury [Video: Creating Business Flow]

Recently I took a day before a business conference in Austin, TX just to paddle. Enjoy the whole expansive day doing something I love in a new city. In the past I never would have given myself permission to do this.

Voices in my head would have said:

  • Too luxurious
  • I need to be working
  • I need to make more money so I don’t have time for fun
  • If I’m not meeting my goals, I am not worthy for this fun time…and on and on.

Well – I don’t fall prey to that voice like I used to…. so today’s “selfie” edition of Business Flow will give you more tips on how to indulge so your business can experience more flow.

How about you? Do you give yourself space for fun, rest, joy along the way?  Or do you struggle with it?  Share in the comments!

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