Laser-Like Focus is the Key to All Growth & Progress

Laser Like Focus for Business SuccessWhether you want to move forward in your business with steady, incremental growth or a big quantum leap, a laser-like focus on what is right in front of you is what is required.

How can the solution to two radically different goals be the same?  Let me explain by way of two distinct stories.

Yesterday I saw a man and woman in our local development walking on the sidewalk. I see this duo almost daily. What makes it unique is the way in which they walk.  He stays patiently by her side as she takes extremely slow, calculated, and exaggerated steps.  Clearly she is recovering from an injury and based on what I can observe, likely at least a portion of it relates to a brain injury.  The focus, patience, and determination she exhibits is what propels her forward and farther each time.

As someone who has rehabilitated more than a few injuries (including a dual Achilles tendon tear), I can honestly say there is nothing like pain and limitation to get you focused on the little things.  I can remember shuffling along at an agonizing pace (after all BOTH feet were injured) while dreaming of the day I went hiking and biking again. It took weeks, months, and frankly a good year before I could do as I please. Progress gets measured by seconds, inches, and steps not leaps and bounds. Yet the underlying law for growth is clear, focused action tied to a greater goal.

What if you want more than incremental forward progress?  The law is the same – clear, focused action.  Let’s look at the moving forward by leaps and bounds crossing chasms as you go story.

Imagine you are hiking along a rocky ridge and need to get from boulder to boulder.  There’s nowhere to step down between boulders so instead you have to leap from one to the other.  The forward progress with each step is far greater than that of the injured woman, but the process is the same.  You need an intense, clear focus as you look where you want to go (not in the chasm between) and then you act.

Any distractions, unclear intentions, or a break in concentration and your forward momentum comes crashing down.  This holds true whether you are concerned with taking one baby step forward or a gigantic leap.

The scenarios are different but the solution remains the same.  The law is the same for anything you want to do in your business. That clear, strategic, and laser like focused action is what is going to get you there.  Throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks is no more effective here than it would be for the woman in the first story to simply start flailing her limbs randomly about.

As you reflect on these two stories, my coach’s request to you is to ask:

Are you moving your business forward in a strategically planned and focused way?


Are you flailing about being very busy maybe even overwhelmed but not moving forward in the way you desire?

Whether you’re looking to grow by 10% or 1000% the answer lies in a mindful, focused way of navigating daily actions that are consciously tied to a strategic goal.


Ready to ditch all the wasted effort, resources, and energy and start moving forward in a strategic and focused way? Contact me for an Intuitive Intelligence® Activation Session to experience the forward progress you really want to see in your business.


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