Live Like You Don’t Need the Money

Live Like You Don't Need the MoneyWhen someone says the “M” word (“money”), what sort of reaction do you have? If you’re like most people with a pulse that are drawing breath, you likely have some sort of charge about it. After all we have given money SO much power over us that when we think of it the emotions and thoughts can be overwhelming.

As I say the word money to you, what immediately pops into your head?

  • Not enough, lack, scarcity
  • Greed
  • It rules my life and has me in its grips
  • Money is bad, nonspiritual, dirty
  • People with money are arrogant, greedy, mean, spoiled, lucky,
  • I’m at the mercy of money (that’s why I’m stuck in this horrible job, marriage, relationship, neighborhood, etc.)
  • Fear, intimidation, lack of knowledge
  • Mounting debt

Now none of these reactions are inherently bad or good. They just are. Yet they likely dominate your relationship to money (which is often a reflection of your relationship to yourself) and more often than not, not in a productive way.

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