Outer Beauty Elusive Unless You are Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Today I happened upon this article in The New York Observer entitled: “Beautiful People’ Ooze With Confidence at Overcrowded Paper Magazine Party”.

I am not one to follow popular anything for the most part and certainly not the social scene. Yet, I was drawn to this powerful comment by A-list heiress Lydia Hearst:

“Honestly, it’s about being comfortable in your own skin,” Ms. Hearst said. “Like, if you’re not confident in yourself, then you can’t really look good on the outside.”

It is so true though. No matter how great you look on the outside – buff, built, and beautiful, you can’t truly be great unless your relationship with yourself is equally strong.

Beauty really does grow from the inside out and when you are comfortable in your own skin you are always beautiful no matter what.

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