Robin Roberts Proclaims “This is Who I Am”

Last week as part of the double dog dares that are going on at Good Morning America, Robin Roberts took the plunge and walked the runway during an Isaac Mizrahi fashion show in New York City. Now for anyone who has followed Robin Roberts since her days at ESPN (and lord don’t I miss her doing the women’s hoops!), you’d know that she isn’t exactly someone who you’d expect doing the runway or modeling fashion. While she is most certainly a beautiful woman, I just never pegged her as the model type.

She made good on the dare alright and she made a statement for all the world. She not only walked the runway in a stunning red gown, but she did so without her wig. That’s right, she walked the catwalk fully bald. You can check out the Celebrity TV version of the moment on YouTube. It was a breathtaking moment to see this amazing woman really tap into her vulnerability and make a statement for all who have ever or will ever battle (breast) cancer. “This is who I am and I embrace it” said Robin as she commented on why she chose to do the walk without her wig.

As I watched her debut I just cheered and cheered. Now THAT is what it means to be comfortable in your own skin. To embrace fully who you are at any moment and show up 110%. That makes Robin and all the other women in the world who do just that every day an inspiration and our own everyday heroes.

Note: You can check out photos, videos, and Robin’s road to the catwalk at ABC News.

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