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Did you start your own business so you could work nonstop while assuming large amounts of risk and stressing out about cash on a daily basis?

Living the dream, right?

As I always say: The life plan always comes before the business plan.

Yet somehow in the million and one things on the to-do list of a self-employed business owner, what you really want most gets lost in the shuffle.  I’ve worked with my fair share of people who feel like they live in servitude to their business.

This is simply:

  • Not sustainable
  • Not the best use of your precious life energy
  • A recipe for a world of pain in your relationships and other areas of your life

If you are feeling:

  • A touch (or a lot) of burnout
  • Restless, tired, or a bit of ennui about your business
  • Isolated and feeling like you are the only one dealing with the challenges you are facing

Then its time for a deeper look at what you are creating on a day-to-day basis and how that supports your bigger WHY for your life.

Change happens one of two ways:

  • By your own design
  • By default

Today business and societal changes are happening faster than any time in history.  That means you will be called or forced to reinvent your business more than just a few times.

Reinvention doesn’t have to mean an overhaul, an extreme makeover, or starting from scratch. It simply means you look at what’s not working well and fix it.

People sometimes ask me: Is this life coaching or business coaching?

My answer has always been: Every day is “Take yourself to work day”, so it is both.  Your business has to support your life and your life needs to be congruent with the business you create.  Otherwise something will crash and burn (and you’ll suffer the whole way there).

Why Work with Me?

I’ve experienced my fair share of crisis and conundrum in my personal and professional life.  My BS in Accounting didn’t quite fit me and 20 years of corporate experience left me battered and bruised.  I explored both traditional mentoring and took a leap into the world of transformational work. My eclectic skillset, spiritual wanderings, and life adventures have given me a unique vantage point and toolbox for navigating the world of business.  As someone who has now run a business full-time for over ten years, I am still standing and thriving where others (80% of others) have moved on to other venues.

I offer a unique blend of inner awareness and practical action that will refresh, reawaken, and realign you on your own path.

When I mentor and coach clients privately, everything is custom made for you.  No cookie cutter solutions, no 7-step quick fixes (that don’t fix a thing).

If you are ready to design this next evolution in your life and business by your own design (and not have it thrust upon you by some unwanted event), the best time to start is today.

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