Serving in Silence on DVD; Cammermeyer Interview in Windy City Times

When the movie Serving in Silence came out in 1995 I was still feeling my way around my own life having been out only a few short years. Yet, when I saw Margarethe “Grethe” Cammermeyer speak at an event in Allentown, PA around that same time I was not only inspired by this woman but got a huge lesson in the dynamics of being out, staying in the Serving in Silence Margarethe Cammermeyercloset, and the general illusion this country’s built around what is or isn’t “playing by the rules” and “honorable conduct”. And, I won’t even get started on my opinions on the whole “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell” nonsense because it just confounds me that as a supposedly intelligent nation that we still have such a policy in the military and even more so how it is conveniently ignored or pulled out of someone’s back pocket to serve the agenda of the day. So much for honor and integrity and the ability to look at government or military as role models! (I am speaking in terms of the general institution here, because there are more than a fair share of truly honorable individuals with high integrity and leadership within those institutions.)

What I have always most admired about Cammermeyer is how she took a very unwanted situation (being outed and discharged from the military she served with all her heart and soul for 27 years) and turned it into a way to share her message with and inspire others while working towards positive change. Leadership and positive change always begins with YOU. One person, one day at a time.

In support of the DVD release, the Windy City Times published this recent interview with Cammermeyer called “Silent No More”. It is an eye-opening interview regarding the current state of affairs with respect to the military, “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell”, and Cammermeyer’s involvements in the last ten years since the movie premiered.

The DVD is available at Wolfe Video:

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