Slow Things Down

Turtle who slows things down

The world of the small business owner is oriented toward more and faster.

Accelerate, hustle, and grow at all costs.

I want

More leads

More money

More clients

More growth

More shiny objects

And I want it NOW.

Every conference and event want to push you just a little further.

To an extent this mirrors the culture at large, but it is even more intense.





Worn as a badge of honor.

But at what cost?

At the heart of every small service-based business is a person.

Human being.

One with finite capacity. Limited attention.

Now is the time to be kind to her.

What if instead of hustling you slowed things down?

Took a breath.

Traded frantic for focused.

Operated at the speed of life as nature intended.

What beautiful and magical outcomes might be available to you that are elusive when doing business as usual?

One of the core tenants of so many wise disciplines – therapeutic work, movement training, reflection – is to slow things waaaay down. (I recently did a short video about that which you can see here.)

I get it. It is counterintuitive. It is non-conforming.


If it works so well (which it does) why are you and I so reluctant to slow down?

Because it is uncomfortable.

You must get at the source of things not just band aid a bunch of symptoms.

It takes being brave, courageous, and resilient.

It is more challenging, but you get to break long-held patterns that hold you back.

The result?

More sustainable growth.

More lasting change.

More relaxed, expansive vibe.

If you are tired of exploiting yourself in the name of what “they” say you need to do, let’s talk.

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