Something is ALWAYS Emerging

In the Deep of Winter

Even when it seems as if nothing at all is happening and growth and progress seem far away, something is always emerging.  Deep in the heart of winter beneath many feet of snow, nature is still growing.  Rest and renewal is an essential part of growth. Conditions are ripe to support that very next step.

Even as water is frozen at the edges and parts of the surface, it is still moving.  The energy is still in the flow.  It is nature’s way.  Nature’s laws and universal principles do not cease to work  simply because the scene at the surface looks different than you might want or expect it to.

Embrace what is for the present is always perfect (even if it is not what you’d prefer).   Then listen intently to what is seeking to emerge in you, in your life, in your business.  I guarantee you something is seeking to emerge for you right now that will move you forward to what you most desire.

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