“Speak Your Truth” – Melissa Etheridge Rocks Bethlehem Musikfest

On Wednesday I got the chance to see Melissa Etheridge rock the house at Bethlehem Musikfest. This was my first chance to see her live in a few years and she not only rocks as hard as ever since her recovery from breast cancer, but has become even more personable and at ease on stage. Her passion for the music, speaking her truth, and encouraging her fans to live authentically is unsurpassed. Personally, I’d like to bottle her energy and her ability to play bar chords nonstop for hours on end.

As she wrapped up the show she took the time to drive home the message:

Speak your truth and be proud. Anything less is living a lie and life is too short to live someone else’s life.

It is quite powerful life lesson to wrap your head around at 11pm after a night of rock and roll (especially for people like me who are up past their bedtime!), but one that Melissa has championed and modeled in her life since the early days when I first became a fan. As someone who has worked her way up from nowhere in the music industry, trail blazed a path for other women musicians, championed gay rights by being transparent about her personal life, and traveled the road from diagnosis to treatment to breast cancer survivor to cancer advocate, she has a lot of wisdom to impart to the rest of us.

What I loved most about the concert was noticing the shift in Melissa’s demeanor since several years ago. She has always been grateful for her fans, a willing conversationalist with the audience, and a champion of being authentic. She has always over delivered in terms of performance, heart, and passion on stage. What I noticed this time, though, was a softness, gratitude, and love for life that just poured from her even when she wasn’t saying a thing. You could tell she sincerely wanted nothing but the best for her audience as well. On more than one occasion she encouraged us to not settle for anything but “good love” — the kind that builds you up, honors you for who you are, and is there through thick and thin. She also made the point that this “good love” starts with self-love – honoring and being good to you. While her delivery was lighthearted and playful, the message was strong.

Do you speak true and stand tall & proud? If you take a look at your life and surroundings, are you living your life or compromising (a little or a lot) trying to be something you’re not?

Post some thoughts below in the comments about ways you speak true and stand proud, challenges you face doing so, or instances where you wish you would have, but didn’t.

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