Currencies of Profit – It’s Not Just About Money [Business Flow Video]

In this episode of business flow, I talk a bit about currency and how money isn’t the only important currency to profit.

What do you think of the idea of multiple currencies running throughout our business and lives?  Comment below and share the post on your favorite social media outlets.

Soothe that Nervous System! [Business Flow]

Sometimes life and business can leave you feeling  That’s when you most need to let the dust settle, soothe your nervous system, and step away.

Watch this video about how and why this is crucial for effective decision making and well-being in body and business.

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What do you do to soothe your nerves when you can’t take it anymore?

Mix It Up for Maximum Results [Business Flow Video]

You can’t do the same thing the same way and expect better results. Take a lesson from cycling… if you want to get better you need to mix it up.  Sometime you ride hills, sometimes you ride flats, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes with others, or maybe alone. Avoid burnout and grow yourself and your business by doing different things in different ways and intensities with different people.  You’ll get better results.

Not sure what to mix up and when?  Grab the Freedom & Profit Worksheet for a roadmap to what’s most important.

What is an Active Entrepreneur?

An active entrepreneur doesn’t have to be an athletic entrepreneur (but you might be)…. it is someone, perhaps YOU, who yearns for more life outside of your business. You are passionate about something…gardening, painting, music, research, anything that makes your heart sing — and you want THAT to be as much a part of your life as your business.  You need to feed that part of you. #ActiveEntrepreneur

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Deliberate Choices [Business Flow Video]

It’s not what you do, how much you do, or when you do it that will determine your success and happiness. Deliberate choices are the difference between victimhood and servitude and true freedom.

Join Paula G as she delves into the power of business flow with the topic of deliberate choices on this spring kayak trip.

It's not what you do, how much you do, or when you do it that will determine your success and happiness.Click To Tweet

How do you make your choices deliberate? Comment below…

How to Prioritize When Everything is a Priority

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