21 Ways to Be More Productive When Traveling

Even with the rise in virtual meetings, there is nothing quite like being face-to-face with people. At some point just about every small business owner will find himself or herself on the road to a conference, speaking gig, or client engagement.

To me this time is precious time spent away from home and things I love, so I do my best to make the most of it. Yet there are still hours on end spent en route that can be used to your advantage.

I used to just grin and bear these times impatiently waiting to “get there already”. Then I finally stopped fighting the inevitable and decided to treat the time en route as “found time” and bang out work, take care of myself, and do whatever I could to capitalize on my captivity (let’s face it flying coach class is unpleasant captivity). I literally freed up hours when I arrived/returned so I could have more fun.

21 Ways to Be More Productive While Traveling

Here are my favorite ways to make the most of all that dead time spent waiting, flying, or on a train. [Read more…]

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