AEP 020- Special Guest Laura Berman Fortgang

Special Guest Laura Berman Fortgang

I am thrilled to have Laura Berman Fortgang with me for today’s episode. Laura’s work has been very important and impactful on my personal and business life over the last 13+ years and her sharp, sassy, and multi-talented style brings me joy and inspiration.  She knows what it takes to run a successful business that spans several decades and she does it while regularly reinventing herself and being a wife and mother to three.  Listen in!

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What is Your WHY? (No Apologies)

Why did you start your business? If you’re thinking about starting one – what is your motivation? Your WHY, your purpose, your deeper calling is the foundation on which you build. You need to be moving toward something versus just running away from something (like running away from working for corporate for instance). So who are you? What do you stand for? What is the change you most want to see in the world? What part do you want to play in bringing that change about?

These are deep questions. You won’t have all the answers and what you discover may never be the “final answer”. We spend our lives living the questions and living into the answers. Yet without taking time for self-reflection and building your business on your deeper WHY, you will not be able to withstand the risks, hard work, and inevitable bumps along the way.

Start right where you are and drop anchor using your deeper WHY as you navigate each day in your business.

Want to create a strong foundation of purpose and systems in your business so you can grow quickly in a way that feels good to you? Contact me and learn how.

Are You Looking for a Savior? (No Apologies)

Syrupy, drippy hype got you down? Ever get caught up in the over-hyped, excessively adjective’d promises found all over the internet that say they will solve all your problems and lead you to the entrepreneurial promised-land? It can be easy to find yourself searching for a savior that promises you the world if you only invest $10K, $50K, $100K and keep on investing (because of course if you don’t yet have what you want, you need to spend more to get it!)…the problem is there are no saviors. Not everything is what it appears to be.

Investing in support is critical. Absolutely non-negotiable if you want to be successful and grow beyond where you are now. I invest in my own mentors, coaches, and team members. What is important though is why you choose to invest in someone and how you are coming to that decision. Support is meant to fill in your gaps (in knowledge, growth, skills). To help you see what you can’t see. To help you tap into the answers that are right for you (not one-size-fits-all). To be a partner in your success. Not to come and rescue you.

Come from a solid place in your decisions. Invest in and be willing to receive support. Just don’t go looking for a savior because there is no such thing.

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