How Do You Stay Grounded in the Face of Big Money and Influential Clients?

Intimidated by Big MoneyDo you feel intimidated in the face of powerful clients or big money? Have you ever changed your policies or compromised your mode of operation to accommodate a client or employer because they were affluent or yielded power? If you have, you’ve sold yourself short because of a hidden (or sometimes not so hidden) intimidation factor that happens when you stand in the face of a seemingly powerful force.

We all naturally are drawn to want to land that big job or big client. The lure of big money drives us all even if money is not really our primary motivation. The right job or client, for you, can be great, yet in the rush of possibility or pressure, sometimes you can totally lose sight of what you really want. A promise of a big windfall followed by a weak moment can lead you down a path opposite of your vision and what you initially set out to create. Before you know it you’re careening down a hill without brakes.

What you need to succeed in these instances is the ability to stay grounded and centered even while in the face of big clients or big money. Grounded so you can make a conscious choice and not get sucked into the lure of a fantasy that you don’t even want. My favorite description of this phenomenon was written by Pam Slim of Escape from Cubicle Nation when she wrote “Choosing Between a Crack Pipe and a Shot of Wheatgrass Juice”. She describes this rush of temptation of being pulled from her current vision like this:

Yesterday, I had a jolt of adrenaline which I would only imagine could be equated with the rush felt by crack addicts. I was asked to facilitate a meeting of high-powered female executives, politicians and movie stars all in support of a really good cause. It is the kind of opportunity that is the consultant’s version of a P Diddy video, except instead of vats of Cristal and scantily clad beautiful women, it is elbow-rubbing with Gucci-clad female executives, exchanging gold-plated business cards and magical phrases such as “you should really talk to …”

As she shares in this post and in more depth in her book, at times like these you need a swig of wheatgrass juice:

Keeping clear with my life purpose and business vision, which I call drinking wheatgrass juice, will give me long-term physical, emotional and spiritual satisfaction. It is not a fast high, it is a lifetime of making smart, healthy choices.

This metaphorical wheatgrass juice is a way of staying grounded in your vision, your desires, your career even when tempted to bend to satisfy a difficult client’s demands or indulge in a short-term high that would pull you off course. [Read more…]

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