Michelle Obama is Comfortable in Her Own Skin

Last weekend I was reading Oprah’s interview with Michelle Obama in O Magazine and just loved the candor of the piece.  Of course my eyes got larger as I read her answer to Oprah’s question “When did you get to be this much of yourself?”.

In a phrase near and dear to my heart, Michelle Obama answered:

“I think in my 40s, I started feeling very comfortable in my own skin.”

Besides my obvious excitement at how perfectly this ties into my philosophy, I got to thinking about the words used to describe the First Lady.  In this article, Oprah calls it “a confidence that comes from such an authentic place.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Here is a woman who is strong, confident, accomplished, and now inhabiting the White House.  Yet above it all she is REAL.  She is grounded, genuine, and authentic.  She is a professional woman who is also a devoted mother.  She speaks her mind with class and honesty.  She has the courage to face what IS straight on.

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