Do You Make Conscious Decisions?

Do you make conscious decisions?When you make choices day in and day out for your life, career, and business, what impact does it have on others?  By others I don’t just mean the people around you and yourself (yes that’s important) but also the world at large?  Everything has a ripple effect and an energy attached to it.  The more you align your choices in a way that is compassionate and conscious not only do you make better choices but ironically they also get easier to make.

I was reminded of the power of choice when I visited Omega Institute for a workshop.  Aside from the fact that every little detail is a conscious choice on that campus – from the food choices to eco-friendly buildings to the campus grounds, I was reminded of the impact of choices by a piece of artwork on the land.

The photo below is of that piece of artwork and it depicts the Native American seven generations rule.  There is a practice within that community to ask in regard to choices you make: what is the effect of this choice on the seventh generation? You can see how quickly such an inquiry can shift your perspective compared to a fleeting choice made without regard to the impact it has on even this generation, right?

Surely we could get into long debates about all kinds of sustainability issues, food choices, and reliance on oil.  That’s not my intention from this post.  My intention is to open your mind to the possibility of making more conscious decisions in all you do and that doesn’t have to mean that it takes longer or is more difficult to make decisions.  Quite the opposite in fact. [Read more…]

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