Is Your Mind Holding You Hostage?

Prisoner of Your ThoughtsAre you a prisoner of your own thoughts?Do you have a series of tapes playing over and over (and they aren’t saying the nicest, most productive things!)?Does it feel like a band of monkeys (aka “Monkey Mind”) are swinging from the trees in an insane Muppet-like manner?

Almost everyone has experienced this at some time or another…but what I’m asking you is do you feel like this a lot? So much so that it keeps your business from moving forward powerfully?

I know I was held hostage by my mind for a very long time.I was a deeply left-brained person who wanted proof of everything and thought seeing was believing no matter what.Let’s face it, I was highly analytical, good at math, and the whole “thinking thing” is what allowed me to be well-rewarded academically for decades.It was my ticket to achievement.The people I respected most…encouraged all this critical thinking and reinforced the fact that having a “good head on your shoulders” and “developing your mind” were the keys to success.

This all served me very well, at least from the outside looking in, except that I was a prisoner to my own thinking.I found myself stuck in analysis paralysis, torturing myself over making the “right” decisions, and often frozen in a state of indecision or incremental decision (you know the kind where you just creep your way bit by bit into a decision because you’re too afraid to really commit until you find yourself flung so far down an ill-fitting path that you say to yourself “how the hell did I end up here?”).

Can you relate?

Now the mind itself isn’t bad, in fact it is extremely powerful.I want you to use your mind in your business. It’s just that when you only engage your intellectual mind you’re missing out on more than half the story.You aren’t just a walking; talking head… you’re a full human being.Someone who is wonderfully, fearfully made and capable of far more than your left brain could ever concoct.You’re someone with access to five senses (and more) and the ability to tap into something more powerful than knowledge, and that is wisdom.

Knowledge is information, it is learning, it is thinking.We need knowledge both general and specific in order to live effective lives.

Wisdom is a deep knowing and keen discernment.It goes beyond knowledge and into a deeper understanding of yourself or a situation.From wisdom flows sound judgment and decisions far more powerful than what can come from knowledge alone.

You might think of wisdom as something only for philosophers, or age-old sages.But that would not be true.It is meant for you too.  Your business needs your wisdom to be successful.

The sweet spot is in the integration of your knowledge and wisdom. This blending of your intelligence and intuition in what I call Intuitive Intelligence®.It is your ticket to freedom from the tyranny of your own thoughts. When you come from this place you naturally make wiser decisions, have more confidence, and feel more certainty about who you are, what you are here to offer, and the choices you make.  You consistently put the systems, habits, and actions into place that will get you the results you desire because you don’t waste a lot of time indulging in resistance. [Read more…]

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