Use Nature’s Seasons to Create Flow in Your Business

Use the power and wisdom of the seasons to harness the power of flow in your business. As summer turns to autumn, a time of transition and change is upon us. Join me from the cockpit of my kayak as I offer you an invitation to reflect on what season your business is in and how you can use the wisdom right in front of you to take the right actions rather than resist change.


Ditch the Excuses! [Video]

What long list of excuses do you use for not getting around to the things you love most?

Are you too busy with work? Too much email to check? Tethered to your technology? Is it too hot? Too cold? Too early? Too late?

You get the drift… you work hard as a self-employed business owner, you deserve a break! In this video I come to you waist deep in the lake to share my story of excuses and how you too can get off the couch, pull yourself away from the computer, and get out and enjoy something fun that will activate your creative juices and your business results.

Enjoy NOW! Even if You Haven’t Achieved Your Goal Yet [Video]

Are you waiting until you meet a particular goal (income goal, client goal, get the business started, hit that next level of growth, etc, etc…) until you enjoy your life?

Waiting until someday to take good care of yourself, take time off, and create the work-life balance you dreamed of when you took the leap to self-employed business owner?

In this video I offer some business and life wisdom from the cockpit of my kayak once again (it’s one of my favorite places after all!).

If I could find happiness and time to play as I grow my business, so can you.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the lake on this summer day with some though-provoking and reflection inducing questions that can make a big difference in your happiness and your income.

Do You Want to Play Hookie from Your Business? [Video]

Remember when you used to dream of being your own boss for the flexibility and freedom to take time off whenever you wanted to without getting permission? Thoughts of a sunny Friday where you just take off to enjoy hobbies, friends, family, good times?

As a self-employed business owner you can do this any time you want. You have permission. You have the power.

But…when was the last time you DID?

This isn’t about blowing off your clients or shirking responsibilities…this is about enjoying your life fully and recharging your body, mind, and spirit so you can serve others and have an impact in the way you want to.

Join me from the cockpit of my kayak as I talk more about playing hookie and enjoying your life.

Are You on Information Overload?

Information OverloadWhenever I visit the cell phone store, I feel like we have totally slipped over the edge as a society. Recently the salesperson pointed out that this new lovely “gazingus” model allows you to receive a continual news and information scroll in addition to taking calls, pictures, playing games, playing music, acting as an organizer, and accessing the internet and e-mail. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my smartphone and it is a great productivity tool, BUT if you don’t set boundaries around using it, you will lose your mind.

Let’s talk about information overload.  I am continually amazed and grateful for the wealth of information that is available at my fingertips.  Something I couldn’t even fathom 20 years ago and for those of you older than I am it might even seem otherworldly.  Yet, while I relish the amount of information at my fingertips there comes a time when it is just TOO MUCH. Our minds are not build to be a supercomputer performing multi-task processing 24/7.

Consider this:

How many different ways do we receive information? Well, there are books, magazines, television, radio, memos, flyers, email, newspapers, bulletin boards, the internet, instant messenger, telephones, cell phones, pagers, handhelds, computers, in person conversations, unspoken body language, notebooks, and advertisements on the sides of taxis, grocery bags, and buses just to name the ones that come to mind immediately.

Now, say that ten times fast!  It’ll make your head spin. This, my friends is the peril of the business environment we live in.

If we allow information to continually bombard us without putting some boundaries around what we choose to let into our mental and physical space, it is likely that we will be stressed out to the max, incapable of functioning at any productive level mentally and creatively, and perhaps simply go insane.

More is not better. There is a limit to the amount of information we can take in yet alone utilize.

Even more importantly, it is not just the quantity of information we try to digest but also the quality of that information that affects our well-being and our ability to meet our business goals.

Have you ever watched a scary movie late at night and then tried to go to bed for a peaceful night sleep? How did that work for you? If you’re anything like me, you couldn’t fall asleep, woke up spooked with bad dreams, or simply slept fitfully. That is an example of the impact the quality of information you feed your mind can have on you.

Since this has become such the “norm” in our daily lives, you might not even consciously notice the impact it is having on you.  As a business owner you feel like you need to learn more, do more, and be more.  The pressures to succeed coupled with the information coming at you like a fire hose can knock you so far off course of what you are really trying to achieve that you won’t know what hit you.

Take Stock of Your Inner Awareness

What degree of information overload do you have in your life?

  • How many hours a day do you spend sifting through information (e-mails, paper, mail, newspapers, the internet, your smartphone, etc.)?
  • How much of this information is really relevant to your business?
  • Do you set strong boundaries around how much information you’ll let into your space and when?

Now Take Practical Action:

  • Set time limits on digesting information. Set an egg timer if you must, but limit the amount of information you ingest.
  • Ruthlessly purge information you don’t need that doesn’t feed you in some way (files, folders, magazines, books, subscriptions, etc.).
  • Set and stick to strong boundaries of the amount and quality of information that you let into your mind, heart, and space.

If you’re not totally convinced that you are on information overload, try this game.

For 1 week, at the end of each day:

  • Summarize all the key points of all the information you digested that day as if you had to teach it to a three year old.
  • Do you even remember or has it blurred into an unrecognizable blob in your head?
  • If it is not crystal clear to you, and it is not immediately actionable to your business, you need to do some information spring cleaning in your daily routine.

photo credit: Keoni Cabral via photopin cc

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