From Storms Beauty Emerges [Business Flow Video]

After a storm, it is always calm, beautiful, and glorious outside. Yet within that storm it can feel like you will never make it through. In your life and business when you hit stormy weather – financial challenges, difficult clients, lack of clients, problem with your team – the same holds true. Navigate wisely to emerge on the other side.

What have you noticed about navigating the storms in your life or business? Comment below…

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Start Where You Are [Business Flow Video]

Sometimes life hands you “stuff”, so you have to make choices from right where you are vs where you wish you were. You have to start right where you are (the only place you really CAN start) and go from there.

So in business you might want to do a flashy launch or event when what you really need to do, what would be most nourishing and life-affirming to you and your business health would be to simply make invitations to sales calls. Sexy? No. Useful? Yes.

So take notice of where you are right now… and choose from there rather than where you wish you were.

What experiences have you had with this type of discernment? Share in the comments below…

Don’t Be Afraid to Hit the Rocks

Paula G Sea Cave KayakingAs I was nervously sitting in a sea kayak on the Pacific Ocean eyeing up a sea cave that I would soon to be paddling into, all I could see were the rocks.  The big rock walls, the many rocks in the middle of the path between here and there, and images in my mind’s eye flashing before me saying, “stay away from the rocks!”

After all, in my many years of traveling and being drawn to coastlines, I’ve seen my fair share of safety related signs that say things like:

  • “Stay back! The ocean is unpredictable.”
  • “Beware of rogue waves”
  • “Keep off the rocks”

So I was perplexed about the wisdom of my desire to paddle directly into confined spaces within large rocks as the waves sloshed and crashed around me.

Even though I am an avid kayaker, this was a first for me – ocean kayaking that involved paddling through breaking waves and into sea caves.  I trusted my fine guide (folks at Central Coast Kayak were really great) and I yearn for adventure (at least when I’m sitting at home!) so what was the problem?


Oh that.

After a few nerve wracking trips in and out of some caves I found I wasn’t really loosening up a great deal.  I was still hyper focused on trying to make my lines so I could enter and exit the cave unscathed.  Until something my guide said allowed my stress and anxiety to melt away.  He said, “Don’t be afraid to hit the rocks!”

I thought to myself … “Oh, it’s ok to hit the rocks? Who knew?”

Obviously we’re not talking about paddling headstrong straight into the rocks, but rather if you bump them along the way it is totally ok.  More than likely you’ll simply be helped along your way and your course will be swiftly righted.

I can’t tell you how freeing that was!  It didn’t change my desire to hit my lines or make clean turns.   What it did do was free me up from the overly tense and high pressure state I had my mind and body in that was stressing me out and making each skill test take my breath away (and not in the good way!).

The amplified sounds of crashing waves were intimidating enough inside the caves (serious acoustics in there). At least I no longer needed to panic about hitting the rocks. This little bit of permission I was given made a world of difference in how I felt and ultimately in my ability to enjoy the journey and do it safely.

It reminded me of all the different ways within our own businesses that we get all strung out over something when we could just give ourselves permission to ease up a bit.  Permission to be ok with hitting the rocks once in a while and knowing that the boat will right itself if need be.  It will all be ok.

So I ask you to take a set in your own virtual kayak beside me and ask yourself in what ways are you:

  • Pushing too hard and you need to ease up?
  • Being too unstructured and could stand to firm things up or accelerate them a bit?
  • Creating a lot of stress and mental anguish that need not be there (suffering is not a prerequisite for success)?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below…

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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

Overcoming fear and anxiety as a business ownerOver time I’ve noticed a trend.  When I start working with clients I create a very safe space in which they can be honest, grow and move forward.  This leads them to share very personal and vulnerable things with me. I am honored and privileged to have their trust.  What surprises me is how surprised they are when they get to know me a bit better. Inevitably every client will say at least once, “I didn’t know that about you. I would never have known that if you didn’t tell me. It makes me feel so much better to know you’ve struggled with challenges too!”

As I’ve been exploring my own unique voice and way of doing things in my business with my mentors and mastermind buddies I get the same reactions.  “Does your audience know this about you?  Seeing more of your vulnerable side would certainly attract me more to you.”  And so, with the loving challenges of my support team, I want to share with you 5 things you probably didn’t know about me and how I’ve navigated them in a way that lets me thrive.

This post isn’t about taking a narcissist TMI plunge all too popular in blogs and social media these days. My intention is for you to:

  • Get to know me a bit better
  • See a connection in our shared struggles (even if yours don’t look the same as mine)
  • Be encouraged that no matter what you may have experienced or be experiencing now that you can succeed, run your business, and live your life by your own design.

So… with all the courage I mustered to write this post, here we go!

Panic and Anxiety

I spent years suffering from a panic and anxiety disorder.  I lived with a constant state of anxiousness and added social anxiety just to make things interesting.  For a time, the panic attacks would get bad enough to warrant a trip to the hospital (but I would never go). While the tendency toward panic and anxiety never fully goes away I have shifted that dynamic to keep it from interfering in any significant way in my life.  I didn’t do it instantly and I didn’t do it alone, but I know it can be done.  I also know what it feels like to live with everything from a low-grade to high intensity amount of anxiety as you try to go about your professional duties and personal life.  These feelings can often be exacerbated by the entrepreneurial journey, but the need not stop you.

While we’re on the topic of un-fun emotions. Let’s talk…


My relationship with fear has had its arcs.  I have been afraid of everything from heights to the up-and-down horse on the carousel (yes for years I would only ride the ones that were bolted down).  These fears were in direct conflict with my insatiable desire for loving life experiences.  My coping strategies have included everything from outright avoidance to white-knuckling it.  When asked, “How could you do those things (travel, adventure, whatever…), aren’t you scared?” I always answer. Yes. Of course I’ve been scared, but my desire to have an experience outweighs my fear and so I keep on showing up.  As long as it is something I really want to do, I will try it (to date I have zero desire to jump out of a plane, but should that change, yes, I would try it.).  I also give myself plenty of emotional recovery time if needed.  As I teach to others, I seek to let fear walk beside me as my teacher instead of having it keep me stuck. [Read more…]

Painting as a Doorway Inside Your Business

First you have to understand. I hate art projects.  While I love looking at and admiring art, when someone says we are going to be doing art, my blood runs cold.

I panic and look for an escape route. Maybe I could run screaming from the room! Maybe I could go get a root canal!

This terror comes from a long stream of shame-filled art experiences in school and other venues.  Not to mention while I slowly own the fact that I am creative, I am realistic and know that drawing something in a literal sense, is not a gift I possess.

This is why the mere mention of an art jam during the opening of my first Wealthy Thought Leader Gold Retreat made my stress level rise as I searched for a way to run for the hills.

I am so glad I did not trigger the escape hatch and I’m going to tell you why.

Visceral Learning is the Process

First of all, you cannot open the door to a tender space unless it is safe.  All the credit for making the art jam a safe place where epiphanies could emerge goes to Daniella Rubinovitz for her incredible process and presence and Andrea J Lee and her amazing team for the vision and environment to make it happen.

When the process started I found myself in a familiar place feeling stressed and tentative about doing something that has nothing but bad and shameful memories attached to it.  Also familiar was my full-on commitment to show up fully and surrender knowing that I am safe in the hands of someone I trust deeply.

That’s a pretty emotionally vulnerable place to be.

With specific direction from Daniella on what to paint and the restrictions of using only two colors and white at any given time, I was off and running.

At first I felt self-conscious but that quickly melted away as I was able to sink into the emotion of what was put forth in the directions and magic started to occur.  Since this is definitely not my natural way of operating (refer back to the root canal references if you missed that part!), I did have to think my way into experimentation.  Exploring my way around using all parts of my hands – front, back, fingernails, long side strokes.  Asking myself, “Did I try my non dominant hand? Oh, I didn’t let’s try that and see what happens.” And so forth. Once I got going I was able to not only feel into the process but feel into what it has truly been like in my business the last 6 years.  The light moments, the dark moments, the struggles, the pain points, the celebrations, and more.

I was reminded once again of the power of learning experientially in ways that push me way outside of my comfort zone.  I’ve had some many examples of this from working with Debbie Ford to climbing trees, to the wisdom of horses just to name a few. Yet each time I experience a new way to access parts of me that typically stay hidden, I am renewed.  I break through with a giant leap forward. [Read more…]

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