Does Taking Vacation Freak You Out?

As a business owner, does the thought of taking vacation make your blood run cold?

You desperately want and Entrepreneurs Need Vacationneed a vacation, but it just seems so impossible.  You think “I’m so busy I hardly see straight.  I’m supposed to add all the pre-vacation work followed by feeling guilty about being away only to be capped off with the mountain of stuff that piled up while I was gone?!?”


Heck, it’s more trouble than it is worth!

Or is it?

I know so many small business owners who rarely, if ever take vacation. In fact I was talking to my mechanic the other day and he said he has only taken off two days this entire year (for reference, it was already the end of July).  Then there is the other camp of entrepreneurs who will squeeze in a vacation or two only to stay connected and work while they are away.

To me, this is not living.  Get real!

Is this the freedom and flexibility you were seeking when you decided to own your own business?

I thought not.

Vacation is vital to heart, health, and soul. Your ability to disconnect and recharge is directly related to your ability to be creative, productive, and achieve profitable longevity in your business.  Make no mistake about it, playtime away from your regular surroundings is vital for your success. Without it you will burnout.

That isn’t an “if” that is a “when”.

So what gets in the way of taking time off? Here are the top 3 excuses I see self-employed business owners use and how you can break free of them. [Read more…]

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