The Light is Always There

The weekend before Christmas I had two fine opportunities to ponder the notion of light within the darkness. On the morning of solstice, Kim & I took the long trek to Columcille in the pre-dawn hours so we could share in the sunrise with our dear friends. Of course it was dreary and cloudy but that never deters this group of hardy spiritual travelers that gather regularly among the stones of columcille.jpgColumcille. As the time for sunrise came, we gave some hoots and hollers to welcome the sun. Of course we couldn’t actually see it. But we took stock in the notion that even though we can’t see the sun, it is there just doing its thing. It is shining its light even though we can’t see it directly. It is always there. There is always light shining in the darkness even when we can’t see it with our own eyes.

Because we don’t actually see it, does that mean we don’t believe it is actually there? That is foolish. Most would agree that even when we can’t see the sun it is there behind the clouds just shining away. Anyone who has ever taken a commercial flight that took off in the overcast cloudy skies and then climbed to 30,000+ feet where it was sunny knows that the sun is there. We just can’t see it from our vantage point. Yet we can still believe in it and benefit from its light and know it is there. There is comfort, connection, and joy in that knowing. It is a worthwhile lesson to remember not only on cloudy day in December but whenever you may feel doubt creeping in to your heart because of sorrow, loss, darkness, or just plain uncertainty on life’s journey. We don’t have to see it to believe in it. And, once we start believing we can start creating what we most want.

My second experience of light was even cooler, at least in terms of the wow factor. Following our full moon meditation, Kim and I went to our cars along with our friend Liz. We were gazing up at the sky which had been thick with clouds due to the storms all day long. We had remarked earlier in the meditation circle about how we can trust in the full moon’s light even though we probably won’t see it this evening. I shared my message from the Columcille gathering and we all just rested in the knowledge that even when we can’t see it — it is there and doing its thing – emanating light. Well lo and behold, we looked up and just then a small section of the clouds parted and there was this big, bold, full moon shining brightly right above us. Because of the moisture in the clouds, a rainbow circle surrounded the moon. We did a lot of ooh-ing and aah-ing. Then the clouds shifted, and another break showed us the moon again but this time with a double rainbow circle around it. More wow-ing and at this point I wondered if anyone was listening to us in the driveway since it sounded like three orgasmic fools in the suburbs. The clouds shifted again and all of a sudden the whole sky in front of us was clear with a bright beautiful moon and many stars. It didn’t last long, but it was certainly magnificent. It is almost as if the moon showed its face and the rainbow fireworks to say “ok dear humans I am going to give you this fabulous show because I know how you beings need some visual proof in your belief system.”

Needless to say it was a pretty special moment. I LOVE moments like these where time stands still and I get so totally present that nothing else matters. Everything is happening but I am hyper-focused in that one moment. To me that is part of what it means to be radically alive and fully present in the moment. It is a place of strength and wonder.

So the next time you say “I need to see it to believe it” just remember this story of the sun and the moon and know that it is always there giving you its light. You just need to believe and tap into its presence. The good news is that if you can do this with the sun and moon…you can do this in other areas of your life as well. Just believe.

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