The REAL Reason We Skip Self-Care

confidence is the secret to self-careThis weekend I had the privilege of speaking at the Bucks County Day for All Women event on the topic of Self Care as a Priority to Succeed.  You see, we blow off self-care as being unimportant but that is like saying the foundation of your building doesn’t matter.  Eventually it’ll leave you in the lurch.  We use all sorts of excuses for not practicing self-care.  On this recording my audience shares a number of them. Things like:

  • Not enough time
  • Worry about money
  • Fear
  • Guilt

But… I let them in on the REAL secret behind why we don’t practice self-care.  Hear this 7 minute snippet from that part of my 75 minute talk.

Then, if you want to get more of this secret ingredient in your life — sign up for my free eCourse to start building your own reserve of _________. (see you have to listen to the audio to find out, thought I’d let the cat out of the bag, didn’t you!)

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