Top 7 Posts You Liked Best in 2016

I love to reflect and review this time of year.  Taking a peek at all the blog posts written or revised in 2016 was a fun way to look back at what you – the reader – liked best.

Top 7 Blog Posts You Liked Best in 2016

Below in descending order of popularity are the blog posts you liked best as measured by sharing it with your peeps.

  1. Is Your Website at Risk? 5 Things You Must Know or Risk Losing Everything
  2. AEP Podcast #22 – Special Guest Beth Allen of DIY HipChicks
  3. AEP Podcast #20 – Special Guest Laura Berman Fortgang
  4. 7 Ways to Make Your Website Project Fail
  5. 13 Things To Do When You Resilience is Low (And 1 Thing You Should NEVER Do)
  6. Goals Don’t Grow Your Business; Systems and Habits Do  
  7. 6 Unexpected Benefits from Boycotting Busyness

It’s cool to see trends emerge. Clearly you care about having an effective website. Productivity, systems, and saving your sanity are very important to you. You also love to listen live to compelling conversations about living your best life while succeeding as a self-employed business owner.

What topics are you just itching to read about as we head into 2017?  Let me know… I’d love to hear from you.  Share the post on social media and comment away!



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