Twisting Offers Perspective and Acceptance

This week at yoga, we dedicated the class to twisting.  Twisting offers us the chance to take a look at the light while also opening our eyes to the darker side of things.  In one short flow you can shift your perspective a numerous times:

  • I’m upright
  • Oh, now I’m inverted and upsides down
  • Wow look I’m looking at the ceiling extending my arm
  • Now I’m fairly compact and seeing only darkness as I fold downward

What I noticed is in this short time, my body also had a variety of things to say ranging from “How awkward!” to “Ahhh, great relief and groundedness…”.  This class, and yoga in general, gives you a chance to experience a range of emotions, positions, and perspectives in a safe environment.  This sort of integrated mind, body, and spirit experience can really loosen up the cobwebs inside us that keep us stuck on an energetic level.

Have you ever just felt stuck? Like no matter what action you take you are hitting a brick wall?  Try a twist — with your body like in this yoga class or even something simpler like just laying on the floor of your room and gazing at the ceiling.  See how that shifts your perspective and energy.

This class reminded me once again that sometimes we make things so difficult for ourselves. We stay stuck and rooted in what isn’t working and burn so much energy committed to our story of what isn’t working.  When instead, we could just take a little twist, shift a little perspective, and breathe a big “Ahhh” to the fact that what we’re experiencing right now is just one version of the story. There are others we can adopt at any time.

How might you be able to loosen up a bit and twist your perspective?  How does that lead to simply accepting what is at the moment knowing this too shall pass?

Photo Credit: DBCondit at Flickr

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