What Do You Stand For?

Declaration of Sentiments - Standing Up for Women's RightsLast week I had the pleasure of going to the National Historic Park for Women’s Rights in Seneca Falls, NY.  Here we are standing next to the Declaration of Sentiments monument.

It was an inspiring few hours there.  To be in the space and energy of what women throughout history have done to stand up for the right to actually experience their birthright in America – equality.

This experience inspired me to write my recent newsletter entitled “What Do You Stand For?”. Do YOU know?  Can you answer these questions?

  • What do I stand for?
  • What do I stand for as a person?  Who am I really?
  • What do I stand for in my business?

If you can’t you’re at the mercy of the whims and tides of life circumstances and others.   Read the complete article “What Do You Stand For?” here

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