What is Productivity?

Most people treat productivity as a holy grail. Companies continue to try to do more with less (to an utterly absurd degree) and individuals are trying to do more with less. And somehow this crazy cycle is supposed to equate to the American Dream or a quality of life.

But what’s meant by productivity is often glossed over.

Productivity is simply this: Total Output divided by Units of Input.

Clearly in the world today companies and countries are increasing output at an exponential rate. Our internet speed, throw away, impatient society demands it; not to mention the shareholders. And with less and less people having to do more, that means the Units of Input part of the equation is going down (less people) but the Total Input is going up (doing more work). So the whole world is touting that is it more productive but people are working to the max and beyond, burning out, and sacrificing having a life to do it.

What are we sacrificing in our life and well being to ante up all this added input that seems to be “required” by our employers and the business environment? What is it costing us?

At some point it all catches up with you. That may be cliche, but let’s face it, even the car we drive needs to be refueled and taken to the mechanic for preventative maintenance. If we don’t, we find ourselves by the side of the road, newly annointed pedestrians or waiting for AAA Road Service to tow our stranded self to the garage. Then, we pay exhorbitantly in both time, inconvenience, money, and lost productivity simply to get back on the road again.

  • Have you stopped running on the treadmill of life recently to stop and fuel your body, mind, and soul recently?


  • Are you waiting (maybe even secretly or subconsciously hoping) for a breakdown to give your overworked self a rest?
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