Why Growing Your Business is as Easy as Making Popcorn

Have you ever wondered:

  • Why don’t I have enough leads?
  • Why can’t I seem to reach my goals as easily or robustly as I hoped?
  • Why are sales so hard?

I have wondered these very same things at one time or another. But I had a crystal clear epiphany of insight when I heard Andrea J Lee talk about how lead generation is like making popcorn. (Hat tip to Andrea for the teaching… and for Indrani Goradia for pushing me to put my spin on the teaching and do a short video about it.)

Why Growing Your Business is as Easy as Making Popcorn

If you think about the process of making popcorn, you heat up a pan with oil, and toss in a few “beta test” kernels. When conditions are right, they pop and you throw in many more kernels to create a bowl of popcorn that has an abundance of kernels. Add some butter or salt, and voila – yummy goodness.

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If you compare this to taking action in your business, most business owners throw an occasional kernel into the pan and hope a thriving business will somehow magically happen. A social media post here, an e-newsletter there, and an occasional sales call. Then you hope for a full bowl of business.

Except it doesn’t work that way. In fact if you throw in a kernel or two and they don’t pop, you might be inclined to stick your head in the pot and just stare at it waiting and hoping for it to pop. (Personal reveal: I’ve done that.) As was pointed out to me, you put yourself and your business in danger that way.

You start to feel desperate, freeze up, and just might get burned.

So, watch this short, fun video and see how this might relate to pain points you are feeling in your business right now.



(Quick video note: I only wish I had kept the camera running because when the 2 beta test kernels did pop, it spooked both of us and we screamed out loud like little girls.)

Ready for a full bowl of popcorny good business? Contact me for a complimentary discovery session to explore how I can help you get started, get focused, and get results.





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