Why Your Inner Game is the Key to Your Success

Conditions for GrowthWhen Conditions are right, potential will emerge.  That is part of the message Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith had when I saw him speak in Philadelphia back in September.   You see while you may be running around looking to external indicators for validation of what is possible for you – the economy, neighbors, co-workers, or similar, you are missing the most powerful thing you can do to cultivate the results you want to see in your business and life.  That thing is tending to the inner game of business, your inner game of life.

Think about it – no matter what the economy has done over the last few years, the grass is still growing, flowers still bloom, and crops are harvested.  No one had to tell them to emerge, they just did.  Why did this happen?  The conditions for it to be realized allowed it to be so.

When you think of the conditions being right for potential to emerge, these conditions are all internal. In the example of the flower, those conditions have to do with the seed of the flower itself and its environment.  Sure there are external factors that can influence the results (weather, human intervention, the neighbor’s dog coming by and digging it up), but the most powerful factor in realizing its potential comes from within the flower itself.

The same is true for you. Your internal conditions – mindset, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs – are far more powerful than any stuff that can happen “out there”. Because if you don’t have your internal conditions, your container set up for success, nothing else matters.  If a seed falls on impenetrable, unwelcoming concrete, it does not grow regardless of its potential.  Yet, if it can fall into even a crack where conditions are right, it flourishes like a daisy in the sidewalk.

Are you trying to build your life or your business in fertile soil or are you pounding away at solid concrete?

If you find yourself:

  • frustrated
  • fearful
  • more in tune with external news, events, and happenings than your inner wisdom

then you are planting your seeds on the concrete.  What is needed is a shift on the inside.  The inner change has to happen before you can see results.  You can’t know wealth if your inner compass is stuck focused on debt.  You can’t attract clients or the job you want until your inner station is tuned to confidence. You won’t experience abundance if your inner filing system is open to “not enough”.  Literally the changes on the inside give permission to the external to make your desires a reality.   Without that inner-tuning it is like listening to a radio station that isn’t dialed in properly. You hear snippets of what you want, but for the most part you experience a nerve-grating static.

Isn’t it time you tuned in to your inner game?


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