10 Benefits of Using Systems in Your Business

10 Benefits of Using Systems to Create Leverage in Your Business

Your systems and habits will drive success in your life more than any other single thing. More than the goals you set, the talent you have, or the “big idea” you offer in your business.

Think systems are just for geeks or the overly-organized?  Think again.

Let these 10 benefits show you otherwise:

You don’t have to worry about missing anything

Have you ever worn a hole in the carpet of your office pacing as you worry about missing something important? Me too.  When you have a “system for that” you naturally create stronger habits and you no longer need to worry about missing something important.  That’s a relief, right?

Keeps you out of stress and overwhelm

So much to do. It all feels like it needs to be done RIGHT NOW.  Well, it doesn’t.  A process lays out why, what, when, and how for you.  Then you work the plan using your systems.  (Important point – you must work the plan!)

Relaxes your brain for more important things

Because you are not stressed, worried, and fatigued, your brain is saved for more important things. You’ll have mental bandwidth left for thinking like a CEO, reflecting on what you most want, evaluating performance, and exploring new creative ideas. Mental and emotional exhaustion is REAL.  Systems help free up space in your head.

Takes decision fatigue out of the picture

Our human brains can only make so many decisions before fatigue sets in.  Decision fatigue and cognitive decline go hand in hand.  Have you ever felt so spent from a day of putting out fires and making 101 decisions (from what to make for dinner to what projects to work on to what to wear)?  This is why many top-dogs wear only a certain outfit all the time — Steve Jobs and the jeans and black turtle neck, Obama and the blue suit and tie, Mark Zuckerberg and the gray t-shirt.  You don’t have to become a fashion robot but know that as you start taking the guess work out of everyday tasks, you reclaim a big part of your brain.

Automates things so your business works for you when you are away

Combine systems with technology and/or other team members and your business keeps chugging along even when you are hiking in the mountains or lying on a beach somewhere. You can’t automate without knowing what the steps are (ahem, the process!). Once you have the process, automation is possible. So automate everything you can without losing a personal touch. This differs for every business owner and I’ve seen people automate the heck out of things to the point of being dispassionate, distanced, and not relatable. Personally, I believe in high-touch personal service. Even with a personal touch, there are plenty of opportunities to employ a seamless process.

Good systems grow with you

The best time to create a system is right now (or maybe yesterday). Whether you are a brand new or seasoned business owner, creating a tone of process and system is the best thing you can possibly do for your growth and sanity.  While you will absolutely need to tweak and change your systems as your business grows and desires change, the framework and way of thinking will serve you forever.

Empowers you to delegate as you grow

You can’t delegate what you can’t explain! Have you ever asked a friend for a recipe and they just say “I just go by feel, I don’t measure”. That’s great and makes for a wonderful craft performed by one individual, but it is not repeatable! If you have processes and systems in place, it makes bringing on team members infinitely easier.

Enhances your brand

Systems are repeatable and reliable. This means you can count of delivering consistent quality to your clients even as you grow.  A consistent and positive client experience means you end up with raving fans and can sleep soundly at night knowing that you are doing good things for other people.  This quality and experience is a direct reflection of your brand.  Good systems strengthen your brand.

No more recreating the wheel

When you sit down to do something, you don’t need to recreate the wheel every day. Let’s say you bring on a new client. You don’t have to sit at your desk scratching your head wondering what to do next. You pull out your handy new client checklist and get to it!  Extra bonus – you can be more present with the people you serve because you are not immersed in minutiae.

Makes you more effective and productive

I’ve spent my share of time auditing manufacturing, business operations, and production facilities during my corporate life. There’s a reason people are not “winging it” on the assembly line.  That would have more dire consequences than Lucille Ball in the chocolate factory.  The same goes for your business even if it is just you in a corner of your kitchen on a laptop. Have a repeatable process and good habits and discipline will naturally flow from that.  You’ll get more of what matters done.

Treat your business like a business and you will reap the rewards of doing meaningful work that supports you financially and gives you the flexibility to play with reckless abandon.

Need help getting systems that work for you?  Request a discovery call and let’s explore how I can help.

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