And Then Out of the Blue it Happened

And Then Out of the Blue it HappenedIt’s funny how just when you consciously just let go of something you were previously obsessing about, something wild happens.

If you recall from a few weeks ago, I wrote about the cute girl at the gym and how I was going nuts because she wouldn’t say hi to me.

After I wrote that article it all felt a little cathartic.  I simply decided to stop focusing on wanting her to notice me. Sure if I crossed paths with her at the gym again I would nod and say hi as I always did (and frankly I do this to anyone I see who makes eye contact), but I would just let the crazy-making go.

Then out of the blue, out of nowhere, I was working out and she crossed by, smiled, and said hi.  My brain literally froze. Jammed up like machine with a cog missing.  I almost didn’t know what to do in the moment.

But instinct prevailed and I smiled a big-ass grin and said hi.

I was seriously stunned for a few minutes.  Did that just happen?

Well yes. Yes it did.

I was a bit on a cloud for the rest of the day (because who doesn’t like being acknowledged and noticed?). I dare say there was a spring in my step.

So while this takes a bit of the mystery out of my gym visits, it drives home two very important points that apply in all areas of life and business.

  • When you let go of being so darn attached to something, magic happens. Doors open.
  • You need to be ready for when really good stuff comes your way so you don’t miss the opportunity.

I could be a case study in #1.  The biggest, most path-altering moments in my life happened that way.

At the end of my college years, I was disgusted and filled with self-hatred because I could never seem to attract a date, relationship, or have someone be attracted to me.

So I simply gave up. I said screw it!

Then I met the love of my life, albeit in a very big plot twist of events. But hey, love is love is love.

A dozen years ago had been trying to build my business part-time while in corporate to very little success. I tried going part-time in my job, getting a job share, anything at all to tip the scales to the direction I wanted to go.  No dice.  Doors were slamming in my face on a daily basis.  So, I gave up. I figured I would either have to quit outright or stay stuck in the illusion of job security.

Then with no warning the company had a restructuring with “no reduction in headcount” and I was out of a job. But I did walk away with a severance and benefits that would see me through the first year or two of my business development. Scary? Yes. Wonderful? Yes.

See what I mean?  It happens big and small all the time. The challenge is for us type-A, control freak, goal-oriented types it often feels like someone would need to cut our fingers off before we are willing to let go.

Or, maybe I am just speaking for myself and no one else has ever had this experience. You tell me.

Then for #2 – if you’re not set up with your systems and foundation to capitalize on great opportunities when they arrive, you miss out.  If you don’t have the capacity to respond (mental, emotional, time, financial, etc.) then good things pass you by.

Lucky for me I only had to flash the cute girl back a smile.  I almost always have the capacity to smile (good news!!).

If a dream project or opportunity came your way today, would you have the systems and reserve in place to say yes?

Stories of big names watching their businesses fall apart after seemingly “once in a lifetime opportunities” abound.  People appearing on Oprah and their businesses couldn’t handle the sudden uptick in demand. Big companies launch an advertising campaign that goes viral and their websites crash because of bandwidth issues.

Even if you have no interest in playing that big of a game, there is something that qualifies as a big deal to you. When it shows up, I want you to be ready to say hell yes and respond with energy and abundance to spare.

If you are finding yourself banging your head against a door that isn’t opening as wide or as fast as you had hoped…

If you are feeling a big run down, burned out, or turned around…

I would love to talk with you.  For a limited number of people over the next few weeks I am offering a complimentary consultation.  Together, we can explore what is going on for you and how I can help.

If this speaks to you, click here to get in touch with me.

It just may be the one step that tilts things in your favor.


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