10 Observations from 10 Years in Business

September 2017 marks the 10 year anniversary of being full-time in my business.  As I like to say… “I’m Paula G and it’s been 10 years since my last paycheck…”

To mark and celebrate the occasion, I am doing a series of 10 videos over 10 weeks that will help you learn important skills such as how to dance in a shit storm, why you need to let your freak flag fly, and the reasons why everything seems to be taking so long.

So tune in live on my Facebook Page.

Then come back here for the entire list so you don’t miss one.

Prologue – Announcing 10 Observations

Observation 1 – Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Observation 2 – You Don’t Need Another Class or Guru

Observation 3 – Learn to Dance in the Shit Storm

Observation 4 – It Takes Longer Than You Think

Observation 5 – Build What You Want NOW, Not Later

Observation 6 – You Are in the Business of Sales & Marketing

Observation 7 – Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Observation 8 – Disconnect & Be Quiet

Observation 9 – You Must Work “On” Your Business, Not Just “In” It

Observation 10 – Be OK With Endings and Graceful Goodbyes

Ready to tap into your own observations so you can clear the path to more profit and playtime? Take the Quiz and get immediate information you can take action on.

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