3 Focused Activities of Successful Business Owners (No Apologies Video)

Successful business owners focus the quality of their actions in three distinct ways.

If you’re just running on a never-ending to-do list in your business you are doomed to fail. Without perspective and time to bring quality attention to the whole of your business, you will simply run on a treadmill forever, unable to grow, expand, or breathe. This leads to burnout, limited business potential, and ultimately failed businesses. Working “in” your business is doing the tasks that need to be done to serve your customers and run day-to-day operations. Working “on” your business is about taking a step back to look at strategy. Doing things such as marketing, building alliances, planning, and other big-picture tasks. Disconnecting from your business allows you to refuel, take a break, and stay on top of your game. Successful self-employed business owners divide their time between these three crucial types of business activities.

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