What is Your Next Evolutionary Edge?

What is your next edge of evolution in your life and business?

Quantum Growth on the Evolutionary EdgeI love the term evolutionary edge because this is not the same as simply having a next step in personal development. It’s not about solving a problem. It’s about something much bigger. It’s about making a quantum leap forward in who you are, how you experience your life, and the results you create in your business.

While evolution is a gradual and peaceful process, when you are focused on evolving versus striving, fixing, or improving, the impact of what you are doing is multiplied exponentially.  Evolving gets at the core and thus brings greater results both in how you feel and navigate in the world (inner) and the outcomes you generate (outer).

To adopt this approach requires a mindset shift away from:

  • Personal improvement, self-development, fixing, or overcoming weaknesses
  • Working harder as a means to generating more
  • Pushing to make things happen


  • Capitalizing on strengths, innate abilities, and your own uniqueness
  • Thinking, being, and behaving differently with more fun and ease to attract more
  • Allowing things to unfold by creating an environment conducive to what you desire

Dan Sullivan, one of the top strategic thinkers and coaches talks about the idea of a 10X perspective. Imagine what your life or business would look like if the results you were getting were 10X greater and better than what you currently experience.  The reason for this is that when you only shoot for an incrementally better result (say 2X better), you can grind that out simply through hard work.  Not much changes, the results aren’t that much greater, and frankly you are exhausted and trying to motivate yourself for the next round.  It’s not scalable and its not sustainable for real and lasting growth.  Instead, if you shoot for 10X greater, you must change your perspective, who you are being, the behaviors you engage in, and the entire way you operate.  This is how quantum leaps and shifts happen.

This dovetails with the evolutionary edge because when you look at what is seeking to emerge in your own personal evolution, everything changes.  When you focus on evolving you naturally move into this 10X state of thinking because one small peaceful change made through the eyes of your evolution looks much different than taking a baby step just for the sake of being in action and placating your need to feel like you’re doing something about whatever problem you are facing.

Thinking in this way might feel scary or uncertain, but it is actually far more natural than the pushing or forcing approach.  Have you ever seen a vegetable garden thrust itself forth? Or, do you watch the effortless and miraculous growth of a little patch of seeds into a vegetable that creates a nourishing mean?

That’s what I thought!

My Coach’s Request to You:

Take a glance at your life and business through the eyes of an observer, like you were watching a movie on a screen. Now ask yourself –

What is my next evolutionary edge?

As a human being?

As a business owner?

What would my life and business look like from a 10X perspective? What would be possible? What would be the impact?

Give yourself permission to step back and reflect on these questions for a little while.  You may feel like you need to go “do” something instead. Embrace that feeling as affirmation that taking time for a new perspective is exactly what is most needed and seeking to emerge for you right now.

Ready to get off the hamster wheel of incremental progress and move toward your true evolutionary edge in your life and business? Contact me to set up an Intuitive Intelligence Activation Session no strings attached.

photo credit: wburris via photo pin cc

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