And I Shall Have Some Peace There Book Trailer

I stumbled across this video about Margaret Roach and her new book And I Shall Have Some Peace There:Trading the Fast Lane for My Own Dirt Road via Pam Slim’s blog.

The question Margaret asks: “Didn’t you ever want to get up from your desk one day and just walk away, not to go get a latte, but I mean walk away and not come back?” SO rings true for me.  I can remember that feeling just about every day (sometimes many times a day) when I worked in Corporate.  Sometimes even now when I am building my business but not tending to my soul as much as I yearn to the same question can pop up.  Why?  Because it is being alive…our very life that we yearn for at our core.  No matter how purpose-full your livelihood is, if you aren’t tending to YOU in the process… you’re missing the point.

While I haven’t read her book yet … I am enthralled by her beautiful book trailer and absolutely must share it with you.  Remember that someone else’s idea of success may just be your idea of distress.

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