Having Trouble Staying Motivated?

Do you struggle to stay motivated to take action toward your goals? Learn how to get unstuck and how to stay motivated when the goal you are working towards seems so very far away. The answer is not what you think.

2 thoughts on “Having Trouble Staying Motivated?”

  1. Hi,

    Good video post. I totally agree with the power of internal inspiration over external motivation.

    Here’s some thoughts. Much of life is the undoing of something that shouldn’t have been done, or could have been done differently. Life’s an inner game, everything hinges on the self, so self mastery is the key. As humans, we’re given the ability to think at a higher level. Unfortunately, often we don’t. Or at least, not in the way we were designed to. For many, ‘free will’ or ‘free thinking’ is just their belief system in disguise.

    The best teachings clear away the fog, so people’s unique power can surface. We broaden the channel by opening it, rather than by constricting it. When we’re in the flow, there are few obstacles or problems. When we become more (of our-self), we need less. And the control is in letting go of the control. Trying to control only reinforces what we’re trying to escape from. Some words of wisdom from the Tao; "The master accomplishes much without doing". Know thyself, and self mastery, that’s the key. I've created a programme around that, it may be of interest.

    1-on-1 Self Mastery Programme

    1. I fully agree with the self-mastery comments you make Des in that the inner game is SO important. That is why my approach and the basis of Intuitive Intelligence™ is an integrated inner/outer approach. One without the other is less than half the story!

      Appreciate you visiting and sharing in the conversation…please continue to do so!

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