Are You in Need of a Little Fire?

Giant Sequoias - Transformative FireI recently spent ten days in the tremendous forests of Yosemite, Sequoia, and King’s Canyon National Park.  It is a sight to behold from the foothills through the alpine tundra.  The giant trees amaze, delight, and teach.  Integral to their story is the element of fire.  We often think of fire as a destructive force but in the forest it actually gives birth to new life.

In fact, it used to be that when a lightning strike started a fire, authorities worked to put the fire out.  That is no longer the case (although they may take steps to contain the spread of the fire).  What they’ve learned over the years is that a forest that has not experienced fire is not as healthy, inhibits new growth, and is actually a threat to the surrounding areas.  This is because when the floor of the forest is full of debris, new life cannot emerge because conditions do not support growth.

We can learn a great deal from the forest.  These lessons translate directly to what you and I do every day.  I love this great quote from John Muir:

“I met a great fire, and I stopped to watch it and learn what I could of its works and ways with the giants.”


Where in your life, personally or professionally, is your environment so overgrown, cluttered, or full that it cannot support new growth?  New possibilities?  Healthy existence?

My guess is you could come up with a darn long list simply by looking through your schedule and your living/working space, right? Now take a look within your psychic space – how does your mind and body feel?  Clear and ready for new experiences and engagement or dying on the vine exhausted from the rat race?

If you feel stressed, constricted, or stagnant, this is a sign that your forest floor is in need of a change.

In the forest we now know that introducing fire where it is needed is a proactive step toward the overall health of the ecosystem and its inhabitants.  As a result, every year controlled burns are conducted in select areas. What that means is experts literally choose a portion of the forest in need of some natural housecleaning and new growth and they start a fire (on purpose).  They do this because they know transformation is necessary in order to ensure the optimal and long-term thriving of the forest and surrounding areas.

In fact, some trees like the Giant Sequoia can only grow if their seeds are released from their cone which only happens when subjected to extreme heat (fire).  The transformative power of fire is necessary for their birth and survival.

As I walked among the giants and pondered these truths, I was able to observe first hand areas in need of fire, those recently burned, and others filled with new growth.  As with many things in nature, the wisdom literally jumps out to say – and what are you going to do with this new knowledge? How does it apply to the way you move through the world?

I share this virtual walk through the giant forests with you so that you, too, can take a fresh look at your world.  My coach’s request is that you take a look around and ask:

  • Where in my life or business do I feel restricted, constricted, and unable to grow and thrive?
  • What needs to be released from my inner world or external circumstances in order for new possibilities to emerge?
  • Where do I need to do my own “controlled burn” to release the old stuff that no longer serves me and clear the slate for something new?

Open your mind and heart to receive the messages you are meant to hear at this time.

Need support in getting clarity around what most wants to emerge in this next chapter of your life and then making that a reality now (versus waiting and hoping)?  Reach out to me at  and schedule a complimentary Intuitive Intelligence™ Activation Session and open to receive some powerful support.



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