Independence Day or is it Liberation Day?

Eight years ago this week, I had this verse delivered to me in a moment of surrender.  Really wondering how, if, when I could create what I wanted. Whether I would heed the call to make a leap into self-employment or continue to wait.  Well I surrendered, these words of wisdom flowed (Intuitive Intelligence at work…but I didn’t consciously know it then), and then woosh, three days later I returned from this vacation to learn my position was eliminated.

The grandest moments of our life can never be created solely through mind-power.  So read on and see how this insight moves you.

Independence Day or is it Liberation Day?

If I am free to fly as this gull before me 170 feet above the crashing sea below I must let go —

Of the fear of a gale that would crash me so into the cliffs majestic leaving me to start the cycle anew as a newborn raven feasts upon my wreckage.

In order to fly and feel the liberation of riding the waves of wind this gusty unsettled afternoon I must step off the cliff

Releasing the cling and draw that the safety of this rock outcropping provided from hatchling to adult.

Knowing I can find safety in the drifting, the unknowing, the journey from here to there to no-where and in the only thing that truly is – the Now.

And so it is and it is so.

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