Are You Paid What You’re Worth?

That is the question a dear colleague of mine, Souldancer, asks in his just release book Pay Me What I’m Worth.
Pay Me What I'm Worth
I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Souldancer late in 2005 and working with him one on one earlier this year. If you want someone who thinks outside the box, that’s not Souldancer; just thinking outside the box is too small for this man, he gets rid of the box entirely to open you up to new possibilities in a practical, yet spiritually bent way.

I believe there isn’t a soul alive who doesn’t want to be paid what they are worth and then some. We are all intrinsically worth more than you can fathom. Even from a real world sense of money, we all have unique talents that are worth a lot. And, it is up to you to do the work to get paid what you’re worth. No one is going to show up like a knight in shining armour and hand you money (unless you win the publisher’s clearinghouse and Ed McMahon shows up but even then your core problems aren’t the least bit solved). It takes more than just earning degrees, accolades, and letters after your name. We all know numerous well-decorated and supposedly well educated folks that can’t find their way out of a paper bag and don’t deserve some big salary they somehow commanded. It takes the inner work of learning about yourself, what you’ve already earned, how to truly give with ease, how to ask for what you want, and the all important learning to open yourself so you can receive what is offered to you.

Wondering how I know so much about the book when it was released just days ago? Well, my name is actually IN the book. Why? Because I had the pleasure of putting my editing skills to work in the early draft stages. I can vouch that the material is sound, the exercises are robust, and the chance to finally learn the secrets of getting paid what you’re worth are waiting for you.

(I also must throw in my $.02 that I just love the snappy cover design.)

To buy the book, click on the image above or visit

If you’re dying for an autographed copy, you can purchase one directly from Souldancer at

Do you feel you are already paid what you’re worth? What do you think about getting paid what you’re worth? Post your thoughts in the comments…

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  1. Oh

    Paula, I'm deeply touched and sincerely honored. I believe my abs are going to get a solid workout as I bow many times to your kindness and insights.

    May we have fun evolving our world, one thought at a time.


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