Confidence Infusion: Sticky Situation Solved (No Apologies Video)

Ever encounter a sticky situation with a client that you don’t know how to navigate effectively?

People sometimes say that what I do seems mysterious. So let me demystify it for you with this recent success story. Perhaps you’ll see yourself in this woman’s story. A client of mine hit a snag the other day. She fell a bit behind on her invoicing because her business had grown so much. She had been so busy serving clients that she put herself last. Happens to more self-employed people than would like to admit it. So, I helped her put systems in place to have her back office running more smoothly. Unfortunately as sometimes happens, when you make a mistake, drama ensues. An already less than ideal client situation came to conflict. With some just-in-time coaching, I helped her navigate this situation not as a victim but instead as a solid, confident business owner who could stan tall knowing she gave 150% to this client and deserved to get paid. With new confidence, clarity, and a solid strategy she was able to navigate a difficult situation with ease. This is the power of Intuitive Intelligence®‚ not so mysterious after all.

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